The USOPC is committed to fiscal responsibility and financial transparency—making sure our stakeholders understand how our resources are invested. Our primary purpose is to support athletes—through direct funds or programs that support them.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games-year operating surplus allows the USOPC to run a deficit in non-Games years and provides a consistent level of support for athletes during each year of the four-year quadrennial budget cycle. Under that cycle, both revenue and expenses, which have a direct impact on supporting Team USA athletes, generally increase in Games years versus non-Games years.

With the postponement of the Tokyo Games, 2020 became a “non-Games” year with broadcasting revenue delayed until 2021, resulting in a deficit for the year and quadrennial. Through the pandemic, the USOPC maintained funding for NGB programs and athletes despite the delay of the Games to 2021.

USOPC and USOPF consolidated financial statements


USOPC Form 990


USOPF Form 990


The USOPC and USOPF consolidated financial statements and Form 990s show revenue of $179 million and expenses of $226 million, resulting in a deficit of $47 million for the year.

Thanks to the support the USOPC receives from NBC, our corporate partners and individual donors, the USOPC maintained high performance programs in 2020, with the total of $105 million down slightly from $111 million in 2019, due to COVID-induced changes in sport.

High performance programs continued to account for nearly half of all spending for the year. This included direct athlete stipends and funding for Performance Partnership Agreements with National Governing Bodies and High Performance Management Organizations that support elite athlete training through the best coaches, sports science and medicine support and training environments.

Athlete and NGB foundational programs funding of $34 million, represents an increase in programs focused on athletes’ safety, opportunity and representation across the Olympic and Paralympic community, and Ombuds services.

Highlights include:

  • Distribution of high performance grants of $77 million going directly to athletes and NGBs.
  • Of those grants, $17 million was distributed in the form of direct athlete stipends to 1,521 athletes.
  • USOPC support of the U.S. Center for SafeSport in 2020, grew to $11.5 million.
  • Through donor support, the USOPC created the COVID Athlete Assistance Fund distributing $1.4 million in emergency funds to 1,227 athletes.
  • The USOPC also provided a one-time COVID assistance grant to NGBs, totaling $1.9 million.
  • COVID safety precautions for the scaling back of U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center operations in both the Colorado Springs and Lake Placid facilities, resulted in an expense savings of $3.3 million.

In May, the USOPC also evaluated its overall expense infrastructure and implemented cost reduction initiatives, including a reduction in force for 2020 and the next quadrennial resulting in a 12% reduction of planned spending.

Support and Revenue

Total support
and Revenue


Total Program
Program services as a percentage of total Expense: 82.4%


As of December 31, (In thousands) 2020


Sponsorship and Licensing $130,207
Broadcast Revenue 1,722
Contributions, net 39,876
Other Program Revenue 2,287
Investment Income 3,743
Other Revenue 1,657
Total support and revenue 179,492
Program services
High Performance Programs 105,397
Olympic and Paralympic Competitions 3,595
Athlete Training Facilities 24,063
Athlete and NGB Foundational Programs 34,732
Team USA Media and Promotion 18,740
Total program services 186,527
Supporting services
Fundraising 9,381
Sales and marketing 9,660
General and administrative 20,671
Total supporting service 39,712
Total expenses 226,239
Change in net assets (46,747)
Net assets, beginning of period 235,895
Net assets, end of period $189,148


As of December 31, (In thousands) 2020


Cash and cash equivalents $77,198
Investments 53,937
Accounts receivables, net
Pledges 13,118
Royalties and marks rights 5,549
Other 8,200
Prepaid expenses and other assets 52,653
Inventories, net 3,538
Investments held for deffered compensation arrangements 1,324
Land, buildings, and equipment, net 57,376
Total assets 272,893


Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 41,350
Deferred revenue 41,071
Deferred compensation arrangements 1,324
Total liabilities 83,745

Net assets (deficit)

Without restriction 145,504
With restriction 43,644
Total net assets 189,148
Total liabilities and net assets 272,893
Note: This information is derived from out audited financial statements. For a complete version of our audited financial statements, including the independent auditor's opinion, please visit